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The bee in our logo is a perfect symbol of Diligence. Bees are symbolic of hard work and industry. Just as there is constant activity in the beehive, there are always a multitude of tasks at hand, be it ours or yours. This represents our dedication to getting the job done whilst helping you manage all of your duties.


The bee in our logo is a perfect symbol of Protection. Bees are natural protectors. They protect their hives when sensing danger to the colony. Honey bees cluster together through winter to protect the queen and any eggs. This reflects our commitment to the health and safety of your site or business.


The bee in our logo is a perfect symbol of Co-operation. Bees represent people working together in a society. Bees live in a managed colony and perform many different tasks in the beehive to keep it functioning properly. They work together for the benefit of the entire community. This symbolises the roles of supplier and client throughout your project.


Paulo Anaia was featured in The Collectors section of the website and 2016 guide of Cambridge Art Fair, an event that supports independent galleries and art dealers all over the UK and beyond. There’s a health and safety angle to Paulo’s choice of art. Find out what it is!

An article published by The Times on SMEs using alternative finance prominently featured Paulo Anaia and P A Safety Management Limited in its case study on a viable business requiring short term funding.View Article

In response to a negative article about health and safety, Paulo Anaia was given the opportunity by prestigious Cambridge Business magazine to redress the balance. Read about who is responsible for health and safety’s damaged reputation, its benefits in the construction industry and the importance of appointing a CDM co-ordinator. View Article

We are proud to have provided health and safety services for the refurbishment of a Grade II listed building at 52 Grosvenor Gardens in London. The demonstration case study for health and safety was chosen for publication by Constructing Excellence, an organisation charged with driving the change agenda in construction and an influential voice for improvement in the built environment sector. View Article

Way back in 1995 Paulo Anaia was mentioned in Campus Construction, which was the official magazine for student members of the
Chartered Institute of Building. Paulo, in a team of five University of Greenwich students, submitted the winning solution to regenerating one of Britain’s most historic dockyards. Find out what it was!

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